Mount Thielsen (8/3/2019)

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Mount Thielsen is nicknamed the Lightning Rod of the Cascades, and from a distance, you can really see why. Much like all of the other mountains in Oregon, Mount Thielsen is a giant pile of choss and very loose skree.

Our group left Salem around 5:00AM and arrived at the trailhead at 8:30AM. The entire climb took our group of 11 around 8 hours to complete (car to car).

Heading our way through the treeline with Mount Thielsen in the background

Mount Thielsen looking good

Heading up the pile of choss and skree aka Mount Thielsen

Admiring the interesting rock formations on Mount Thielsen

More choss and more skree

The skree and choss keep on going with Chicken Ledge in the distance

Chicken Ledge of Mount Thielsen

Our fearless leading climbing of the chicken ledge

The summit photo!

Our fearless leader admiring the earned view

After watching several people free solo and then down climb the summit block. We were all very happy to be rappelling instead.

Heading back to the trail head and trying to avoid kicking down large rocks