Mount St. Helens - Warm Flows (3/24/19)

We started our trip around 6AM from the Marble Mountain Snow-Park after spending the night camping in the parking lot.

The weather was fantastic the entire way up with the clouds periodically enveloping the group and reducing viability to 15 feet. We weren't able to see any of the other mountains around us or where we started, but the clouds provided plenty of visual entertainment.

It took our group around 7 hours to reach the rim of Mount St. Helens. 6 Miles up and 5,699 ft of elevation gain. The snow was frozen enough that our crampons provided plenty of grip. If you are comfortable with crampons, we likely could have started with on at the parking lot.

Me at the rim of St. Helens. I felt really solid after a good solid climb.

My favorite shot from the rim of St. Helens with the true summit in the background. Unknown climber in the picture.