Mount Hood - Pearly Gates (5/25/19)

After a few days of bad weather and delays, we decided to attempt a summit on mount hood starting very early on Saturday morning. When we arrived at the parking lot, the optimize for good weather was... very low. But after ascending above the Palmer lift, we saw the stars and the moon and we felt this might end up being a blue bird day. This was confirmed when we made it to the Devil's Kitchen. The snow up until this point had a nice crust that was perfect of crampons.

The hogs back had 6 or so inches of fresh powder on the top of that icy crust. We were also greeted with a spectacular mountain shadow.

Before we started the climb I was worried about the pearly gates. But once I saw them, we realized it wasn't any worse than what we had just done.

After the gates... was the summit. Here is the crew.

And a view of the summit.

After the white knuckle adventure of descending the pearly gates and deciding not to take the old chute down. Here is a shot looking back.