Mount Adams - South Climb (7/21/2019)

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

On Saturday around 6AM we departed from the Salem Motor Pool to the South Climb trail head of Mount Adams. NOTE: The road to the trail head is very rough over the last 5 miles. It can be completed in any car, but you will need to be careful. Anyway, this route is the least technical route up the mountain and complete in one long car-to-car day or done by spending a night on the lunch counter (if you are strong enough, I would prefer car-to-car). You don't need anything more than pair of crampons, ice axe and trekking poles for this summit (depending on the season).

The path to the top is fairly straight forward, follow the marked rocky and dirty path up towards the mountain until you reach the lunch counter.

Once you reach the lunch counter, depending on the snow, even on a busy weekend there should be more than enough camping spots

The view of Pikers Peak (False Summit) of Mount Adams from the Lunch Counter

Spend the night on the lunch counter, I recommending staying towards the west side for the stunning sunset and the running water (for drinking)

Looking back at the Lunch Counter. Tons of available camping. Our site was on the right side of this image.

I would recommend (depending on the weather) leaving camp around 6:30AM. If you have an average pace the snow should be solid on the climb up and soft enough to glissade on the way down.

Climbing up towards Pikers Peak with Lunch counter in the background

After a good bit of slogging we approached the summit of Pikers Peak and witnessed what can only be described as one of the worst false summits. From here its what appears to be another another mile and 1,000ft of elevation gain.

After 6,900ft of elevation gain and 6 miles of hiking, we reached the summit of Mount Adams via the South Climb.

The glissade down was very enjoyable even with semi-crappy snow conditions and some ice. If it were any icier I would recommend plunge stepping your way down the mountain. From there, pack up and hike out.