Black Peak/South Ridge - North Cascades National Park (6/24/2019)

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Black Peak is located in the North Cascades National Park and is according to SummitPost one of the higher, non-volcanic peaks in the Cascades. We went up the South Ridge of Black Peak. This was split into two different days. Day 1 we drove from Salem, Oregon to the Rainy Pass Trail Head (8 hours) and then hiked to camp (5.5 Miles and 2,855ft of gain). Day 2 we summit Black Peak, return to camp (2.8 miles and 1,824ft of gain) and carry everything back out to the trail head (5.13 miles and 571ft of gain). After a night of rest at the campground near the trail head, we drove back to Salem the next day.

For me, I missed the summit by 100ft after making a personal decision that I didn't feel comfortable completing the climb.