9 Day Rock Climbing Trip - Bishop and Red Rocks

I don't enjoy writing long winded stories about the locations we visited, but instead would prefer to share pictures. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so prepare yourselves for a short novel.

Day 1 was spent driving from Salem, Oregon to Bishop, California (a 13 hour drive). To camp in some nearby BLM land.

Day 2 was spent in the Happy Boulders near Bishop.

Photo 1: Atari (V6). Photo 2: Solarium (V4) Photo 3: Sunset of the Happy Boulders Photo 4: Heavenly Path (V1 PG13)

Day 3 I went to get my butt kicked in the Buttermilks.

Photo 1: Seven Spanish Angels (V6). Photo 2: The landscape around the Buttermilks. Photo 3: Jimmy Webb working on Lucid Dreaming (V15). Photo 4: Climbers and their crash pads. Photo 5: Me climbing some V0/V1 that was higher than anything I've climbed before (without a rope). Photo 6: Climbers walking towards a boulder.

Day 4: A much needed rest day after several days of hard climbing.

Photo 1: Sunrise over Bishop. Photo 2: First light from camp. Photo 3: Me looking at stuff. Photo 4: Campfire with friends.

Day 5: The final day in the Buttermilks and an afternoon of driving to Las Vegas.

Photo 1: I think this was a V2, the highest grade I sent at the Buttermilks. Photo 2: Max tries hard and Jimmy Webb approves. Photo 3: Me appearing contemplative.

Day 6: After recovering from a night of drinking for New Years the night, we made it our to Red Rocks.

Photo 1: Some dude climbing during sunset in Red Rocks. Photo 2: Sunset of Red Rocks. Photo 3: Happy climbers. Photo 4: Scramble back to the car. Photo 5: Ben hanging on route he was working.

Day 7: Back at Red Rocks for more roped climbing. I on sighted my highest grade of 5.11C.

Photo 1: Eric on Fear and Loathing. Photo 2: Brandon on a 5.11C. Photo 3: Random climber on Fear and Loathing. Photo 4: Unknown climber on a route.

Day 8: Our final day of climbing. We spent most of the day bouldering, with a taste of roped climbing at the end. I one hung a 5.12A, but it felt very soft.

Photo 1: Brandon working a V7?. Photo 2: Plumber's Crack. Photo 3: Quang posing for me. Photo 4: Plumbers crack again

Day 9: We drive back to Salem! What an amazing trip